Trust the process.

Healing. I’ve lived my life off sorrys and I’ll do betters, not from other people , but from myself and that’s what healing meant to me , forgiving yourself. That time when I got stupidly inebriated, woke up still drunk from last night with no idea of what happened only the physical evidence of my […]

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I was 19

I was 19… It was my first year in University , 2015 and going to random parties was a thing, I went to one with my friends in Golfview and then after we all went to Redox, however though, my night ends at the party and my morning begins with me in bed naked with […]

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In my 1st year in Varsity, my first ever psychology class changed how I view the world. The Lecturer told us to view ourselves as Gold fish in fish bowls, and with a friend in another fish bowl, same room difference fish bowls. One would be placed on top and one on the floor, no […]

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When Self Love falls short…

Remember that you have one life to live, you are going to wake up some day with only memories of the time you spent hating yourself, it surely won’t be worth it… Let go of your insecurities, let go of your self doubt, let go of constantly comparing yourself, let go of declaring yourself unworthy […]

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Insecurities 🙃

So I’ve been insecure, posted a picture just to take it down, loved it the moment I took it but stared at it long enough to notice that I didn’t breathe in enough, that I smiled too hard and allowed my double chin to show, that I didn’t crop my not so pretty legs or […]

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We are Women and we are Strong, bold and courageous, we take challenges head on while looking like a piece of art…we birth nations and put meaning to this world. ❤️

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